Dr Watson CBD Products come in many different shapes and forms to satisfy our array of customers seeking to use CBD Hemp extracts in their daily lives for their intended purpose. Our products come in forms such as CBD oils, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD lotions, CBD Eliquids & CBD Vape Devices with more to come. Heres a little run down on all our products available. For further information please go to the individual collections and product pages.

Hemp CBD Oils

CBD oils also known as CBD tincture drops are the most common form of taking hemp drops. They are taken orally by dropping a pipette of cannabis oil under your tongue and holding it there for 30 seconds - 1 minute before swallowing.

Dr Watson CBD has 2 different strengths of CBD oil that come in a 15 ml bottle (5 ml more than your standard size), 1000mg & 2000mg. and with 500mg more than most companies starting strengths. At Dr Watson we don't waste time with weaker products where you will not feel the desired effects. Look out for a 3000mg CBD oil coming soon for those that want to go that one step further.

Our oils are made using Broad spectrum hemp extract grown in organic farms in Switzerlands, and extracted in GMP facilities, ensuring that when you buy cannabis oil online from us, you are getting top of the range product and ingredients.

Super Strength Big Hit CBD Vape Pen

The Big Hit CBD Vape Device is our most recent release of a product and has very quickly become our hottest product. This is a CBD x CBG vape device that has a 50% concentration of cannabinoids, making this is the strongest CBD vape product in the UK. this product is a neat CBD Vape Pen that contains 500mg of cannabinoids in just 1ml of vape liquid, giving it the concentration mentioned above. 

The Vape liquid is made purely from the same hemp extract distillate which we use in our oils from Switzerland, so again ensuring that you only have the highest quality and effective extracts in our products. This may seem like a small amount of Liquid, but our customers report they do not need to use it as much as it is so effective.

It is thanks to this product we have won best CBD award at vape expo London. If you are looking for a strong effective product and try our best CBD vape in the UK right now.

CBD Capsules

Our CBD Gel Capsules are made in the same GMP facilities in Switzerland that our distillate is extracted in. Again, assuring quality and effective products. Our capsules come in a glass recyclable bottle that contain 30 capsules in each that have 20mg of CBD in each capsule. Each container has a total of 600mg, many of our customers report that each container can last them up to a month. Our capsules also have vitamin B12 in them which is a great daily supplement essential for many of your daily bodily functions.

The CBD Hemp capsules are ideal for those who like to get measured dosing. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what you're having when you buy CBD Eliquid or CBD oils. So CBD supplement capsules are perfect for those people that want to know exactly what they are putting in their body.

CBD Hemp Gummies

These are one of our favourite products here at Dr Watson. We know that when you buy CBD Gummies from us you won't want to have any other. This product was developed and designed in house by a trained chef which took months of development. These come in tins of 12 large gummies that each contain 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract (Swiss made) totalling 300mg per tin. The flavour is a delight tropical passion flavour with hints of peach and mango in there. 

These are also great for measured dosing. Unlike many other brands that use CBD Isolate for their gummies, we use distillate, which uses a broader range of cannabinoids designed to be more effective. This also gives a very subtle hemp flavour to them as well.

CBD Vape Pod System

The CBD Vape pod system was our first product when Dr Watson launched in early 2019. Like in the nicotine industry, we realised that pod systems are becoming ever more popular for their convenience, durability and simplicity. However, when we decided to do ours, we decided to make the pods bigger, better flavour and with a more powerful device. 

Our CBD E liquid pod system comes in 5 fantastic flavours, Wild Mint, Brazilian Mango, Ice Peace, Berry Kush & Amalfi Lemon. Each pod comes with 2 ml of liquid and 2 pods per packs. Our customers have reported a pod to have 350-450 puffs which can last a month per pod. CBD Vape Liquids are the second most frequently used form of intaking hemp extract, and with convenience and great flavours like ours it's easy to see why.

CBD Eliquid

Our award winning CBD Eliquids were put together by a Michelin star chef who has been responsible for some of the most popular flavours in the whole industry. Our CBD Eliquids come in 3 different strengths - 100mg, 300mg, 600mg, to cater for all levels and needs of people. Some of our best CBD Eliquid flavours consist of Berry Kush, Lemon Haze, Strawberry diesel, Watermelon Kush, Menthol and Vanilla. 

These liquids are intended to be used for Open tank refillable vapes. They are high in flavour and made with natural cannabis terpenes and flavours. This is perfect for those not looking for the earthy flavour of hemp but still would like sweet and familiar flavours of the strains.

CBD Hemp Lotion and Cream

Our Luxurious CBD Face Cream and Body Lotions come from our partner GMP facilities in Switzerland, a country known for its manufacturing capacity of high quality cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Our face cream is nourishingly rich with 750mg of CBD. It made with Edelweiss, Swiss mountain water and jojoba all, these products are 100% vegan and are perfectly for keeping a shining glow and soft skin on your face.

We also have a CBD body lotion that is 300mg of CBD in a 150ml bottle. This is a slightly lighter formula which is cooling and spreads easily. It can be used daily for skin nourishment and softening and can be applied generously. 



While we believe in our products 100%, none of our products are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any sort of disease, illness or ailment. While people search for CBD for  Anxiety and CBD for Sleep frequently, our products are not intended for this. Please see your GP if you feel you need help with these issues.